Tongue washer

Copper is known for its anti-bacterial properties. It even eradicates bacteria resistant to antibiotics. This metal is also effective against viruses and fungi, which is why we have chosen to offer you the copper tongue cleaner.

The copper tongue cleaner is recommended for daily use or for seasonal use. Indeed, at the beginning of each season, the copper molecules strengthen the immune system and have antiseptic virtues.

The tongue cleaner removes the white layer produced by the microbial flora on the tongue. The oral cavity indeed contains an impressive quantity of bacteria that it would be illusory to try to remove with a simple toothbrush. Scrubbing the tongue also frees the taste buds and thus increases the sense of taste.

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  • Acidity
  • Detox
Nutritional value
  • Carbohydrates 12gr

500ml ℮

lave langue cuivre ayurvedique mauvaise haleine cure detox

Use our tongue cleaner to avoid the bad breath that can occur during a detox cleanse.

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