Professionnels - Jus en marque blanche en Belgique

We love working with ambitious brands and people

Drinking fresh cold-pressed juice will provide your customers with a concentrate of vitamins. Give them the possibility to blossom, to manage their stress, to fight an illness, ... Allow them to get back to sleep and feel more dynamic at work.

Our partners

We like to work with high-end boutiques that care about their customers' well-being. You can find our juices in the following bars and stores.

We are a supplier of choice

We have built a solid reputation as the supplier of choice for Belgian brands looking for a custom cold-pressed juice production solution. We are proud to be a Belgian manufacturer, producing all our products in our Brussels factory. Our production process uses only fresh and raw products, without preservatives, pasteurization or freezing. We produce juices, milkshakes, smoothies, shots, cold brew coffee and lemonades.

High pressure Processing (HPP)

We also offer high pressure processing. This is the technology of choice for many of the world's leading juice brands, providing extended shelf life for juices.

They trusted us