All our detox cleanse, organic juices, detox accessories, detox herbal teas, etc.

  • Detox juices

    A detox juice cleanse will provide you with the necessary vegetables for people wishing to add more natural vitamins, minerals and nutrients to their daily diet.
  • jus vert detox concombre brocoli epinard persil


    € 7,45

    Cucumber • Broccoli • Apple • Lemon • Spinach • Parsley • Ginger

  • jus presse a froid bio concombre ananas persil citron


    € 7,45

    Cucumber • Pineapple • Parsley • Lemon • Ginger • Nettle

  • jus presse a froid bio concombre fenouil kiwi


    € 7,45

    Cucumber • Fennel • Kiwi • Lemon • Parsley

  • jus presse a froid bio pomme fenouil romarin citron


    € 8,50

    Apple • Fennel • Cabbage • Lemon • Red pepper

  • jus bio detox betterave concombre poire


    € 7,45

    Cucumber • Pear • Fennel • Red beet • Lemon • Ginger

  • jus presse a froid bio pamplemousse betterave


    € 7,45

    Grapefruit • Red beet • Carrot • Lemon • Ginger • Lucuma

  • jus presse a froid bio courgette pomme epinard


    € 7,45

    Zucchini • Apple • Spinach • Lemon • Pollen • Barley grass

  • Organic juices

    Composed mainly of fruit, our gourmet juices are intended for people who wish to consume healthy, organic products on a daily basis and whose manufacturing origin is known and controlled.
  • jus bio presse a froid ananas poire fenouil jaune


    € 7,45

    Pineapple • Pear • Fennel • Lemon • Black peper

  • jus presse a froid bio pomme carotte orange gingembre


    € 7,45

    Apple • Carrot • Orange • Red pepper • Ginger

  • jus bio betterave carotte pomme citron


    € 7,45

    Carrot • Apple • Red beetroot • Lemon

  • jus spiruline bio pomme gingembre


    € 7,45

    Apple • Ginger • Spirulina

  • Lalimo. Hibiscus

    Lalimo. Hibiscus

    € 2,95

    Water • Lime • Lemon • Agave syrup • Strawberry • Hibiscus

  • Lalimo. Raspberry Ginger

    Water • Agave syrup • Raspberry • Lemon • Ginger

  • Lalimo. Grapefruit

    Water • Grapefruit • Agave syrup

  • Lalimo. Lemon

    Lalimo. Lemon

    € 2,50

    Water • Lemon • Agave syrup

Detox packages

In fashion as well as in gastronomy, the combination of flavours and colours is very important. Conceived like a collection", Misuko and her team unveil their range of cures. Each "creation" is unique and draws its inspiration from the colours that surround us. Divided into 3 categories, our cures will please and satisfy you, whatever your objectives and desires.

Each day's cure is composed of 6 bottles of 50cl.

  • cure detox jus bio couleurs fruits legumes

    Shade of colors

    From € 44,70

    Omnipresent around us, colours influence our state of mind, our mood and give us the strength to face the tumults of our daily life. Break your metro-work-sleep rhythm and immerse yourself in an explosion of flavours with this colourful cure.

    Products certified 100% organic by Certisys BE-BIO-01

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  • cure jus detox 3 jours rouge betterave misuko

    Dare to be red

    From € 44,70

    Red is the colour of action, leadership and will. To all people with an urban lifestyle, requiring dynamism and energy, live a unique experience by opting for this level of treatment.

    Products certified 100% organic by Certisys BE-BIO-01

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  • cure detox verte bio legumes 3 jours

    Try green

    From € 44,70

    Green is the new black. This colour symbolises luxury and distinction, blending the traditional with the contemporary. These principles guided us throughout its design. Fresh raw materials for an optimal quality of juice, this green detox cleanse will satisfy the most demanding palates.

    Products certified 100% organic by Certisys BE-BIO-01

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  • Custom Cleanse

    Custom Cleanse

    From € 38,30

    Build your pack with any of our organic, cold pressed juices for a convenient and tasty solution for healthy nutrition on the go. Choose from our selection and order a min. of 5 (and a max. of 6) juices at a time.
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  • Nutmilks

    Our modern diet and lifestyles let appear new intolerances... making industrial milk difficult to digest for some people. Misuko offers you a perfect alternative based on homemade plantbased milk.
  • lait vegetal noix de cajou noix du bresil vanille


    € 7,45

    Water • Cashew nuts • Brazilian nuts • Date • Salt • Vanila

  • lait vegetal bio amande matcha lavande


    € 7,45

    Water • Almond • Date • Matcha

  • lait vegetal golden milk bio


    € 7,45

    Water • Almond • Date • Turmeric • Ginger • Maple syrup • Vanilla • Pepper

  • Detox herbal teas

    Thanks to plants from organic farming rigorously selected for their active ingredients, our herbal teas will bring you well-being and lightness.
  • tisane infusion bio detox menthe

    Emma Lou

    € 9,45

    Blueberry • Sweet mint • Licorice

  • tisane infusion bio detente

    Lou Ann

    € 9,45

    Nettle • Birch • Meadowsweet

  • tisane infusion relax bien etre bio

    Lily Rose

    € 9,45

    Verbena • Lemon balm • Marjoram

  • tisane infusion bio detox intense cassis menthe poivree

    May Lee

    € 9,45

    Cassis • Horsetail • Prandelion • Peppermint

  • Accessories

    Feel like detoxifying? You're going to have to do more than just pay attention to your diet. Although this is an essential part, detoxification doesn't stop there.

    Misuko gives you the opportunity to go further. Discover our wellness selection.


  • lave langue cuivre ayurvedique mauvaise haleine cure detox

    Tongue washer

    € 5,50

  • perle ceramique argile filtration eau robinet

    Ceramic pearl

    € 12,90

  • Gift card

    Gift card

    € 25,00

  • Organic Tote bag

    Organic Tote bag

    € 9,95

  • Fruit and vegetables

    Grown by passionate farmers, enjoy a selection of organic fruits and vegetables.
  • panier fruit bio orange pomme ananas poire

    Basket of fruits

    € 14,95

    Pineapple • Kiwi • Orange • Grapefruit • Pear • Apple

  • panier legumes bio carotte betterave poivron brocoli

    Carrot • Lemon • Cucumber • Cucchini • Parsley • Red pepper