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In fashion as well as in gastronomy, the combination of flavours and colours is very important. Conceived like a collection", Misuko and her team unveil their range of cures. Each "creation" is unique and draws its inspiration from the colours that surround us. Divided into 3 categories, our cures will please and satisfy you, whatever your objectives and desires.

Each day's cure is composed of 6 bottles of 50cl.

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  • cure detox jus bio couleurs fruits legumes

    Shade of colors

    From € 44,70

    Omnipresent around us, colours influence our state of mind, our mood and give us the strength to face the tumults of our daily life. Break your metro-work-sleep rhythm and immerse yourself in an explosion of flavours with this colourful cure.

    Products certified 100% organic by Certisys BE-BIO-01

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  • cure jus detox 3 jours rouge betterave misuko

    Dare to be red

    From € 44,70

    Red is the colour of action, leadership and will. To all people with an urban lifestyle, requiring dynamism and energy, live a unique experience by opting for this level of treatment.

    Products certified 100% organic by Certisys BE-BIO-01

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  • cure detox verte bio legumes 3 jours

    Try green

    From € 44,70

    Green is the new black. This colour symbolises luxury and distinction, blending the traditional with the contemporary. These principles guided us throughout its design. Fresh raw materials for an optimal quality of juice, this green detox cleanse will satisfy the most demanding palates.

    Products certified 100% organic by Certisys BE-BIO-01

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  • Custom Cleanse

    Custom Cleanse

    From € 38,30

    Build your pack with any of our organic, cold pressed juices for a convenient and tasty solution for healthy nutrition on the go. Choose from our selection and order a min. of 5 (and a max. of 6) juices at a time.
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  • Pack of celery juice

    Pack of celery juice

    From € 59,95

    Celery has been credited with many health benefits. It contributes to good vascular health, contains a lot of antioxidant, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory virtues. While it won't solve all of your ailments on its own, it is beneficial as part of a balanced diet.

    At Misuko, we don't usually sell products as miraculous! It is simply not our philosophy, so we decided to give this celery juice therapy a try ourselves. We tested it for ten days before offering it to you!

    The outcome was conclusive: boost of energy, flatter stomach and less traces of acne. These are only some of the results obtained during our ten days of detox with our celery juice pack.

    Obviously, the results vary from person to person and their diet. For 10 days, drink a bottle of ultra-fresh, cold-pressed celery juice every morning. Why ten days? This is the recommended minimum number of days to observe real effects on your body, inside and out.

    The bravest among you can order this pack for 20 days and double the effects of our celery pack on your body.

    Products certified 100% organic by Certisys BE-BIO-01 and treated by high pressure (HPP)

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