Dare to be red

Red is the colour of action, leadership and will. To all people with an urban lifestyle, requiring dynamism and energy, live a unique experience by opting for this level of treatment.

Products certified 100% organic by Certisys BE-BIO-01

  • 9h30 TIAGO
  • 11h30 MARLEY
  • 13h30 MATHYS
  • 15h30 JOY
  • 17h30 NINA
  • 19h30 LOUY
Allergy information

Made in a workshop that uses nuts, peanuts, celery and sesame seeds.

LOUY contains nuts.

cure jus detox 3 jours rouge betterave misuko

Which length to chose?

Depending on your desires, your personal objectives and your pace of life, we offer you formulas ranging from 1 to 5 days.
Enjoy a tailor-made programme and follow the menu in your pack.

We advise you to plan your Detox treatment during a week in which you will have the freedom to live at your own pace. If this is your first experience, it is ideal to plan the cure at a time when you can rest.

Please note that the juices have a shelf life of 4 days. Therefore, the cleanses of more than 4 days will be delivered in several times. Also, plan to have some space in your fridge, because it represents several 50cl bottles and it takes up a lot of space!

Mickael, an online client from Brussels - He tested the red juice cleanse and loved it

"The one-day detox cure went very well. Thank you for the advice and for adapting the program to my allergies. I'm thinking of ordering a cure again, maybe a longer one!"

Buy juices separately

  • jus bio betterave carotte pomme citron


    € 7,45

    Carrot • Apple • Red beetroot • Lemon

  • jus presse a froid bio pamplemousse betterave


    € 7,45

    Grapefruit • Red beet • Carrot • Lemon • Ginger • Lucuma

  • jus presse a froid bio pomme carotte orange gingembre


    € 7,45

    Apple • Carrot • Orange • Red pepper • Ginger

  • jus bio presse a froid ananas poire fenouil jaune


    € 7,45

    Pineapple • Pear • Fennel • Lemon • Black peper

  • lait vegetal golden milk bio


    € 7,45

    Water • Almond • Date • Turmeric • Ginger • Maple syrup • Vanilla • Pepper

We select our ingredients with utmost care.

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