May Lee

Intense detox.

A surprising mix of dried plants with various virtues: blackcurrant is a marvellous plant with anti-inflammatory and depurative action, horsetail has a remineralising and draining role. As for dandelion, it will have a beautiful action on the liver, the perfect herbal tea for a detox cure! Its slightly bitter taste will be tempered by the freshness of peppermint, digestive and tonic.

  • Cassis 45%
  • Horsetail 35%
  • Prandelion 10%
  • Peppermint 10%
  • Bitterness
  • Detox
Allergy information

Made in a workshop that uses nuts, peanuts, celery and sesame seeds.


May Lee

Pay attention to the origin of the plants

Once again, quality takes precedence over quantity.
The plants that make up Misuko herbal teas are harvested by hand, respecting their natural rhythm in order to have highly energetic plants (the roots are harvested early in the morning, the leaves, after the dew, and the flowers, when they have seen the sun).

Consume our herbal teas every day, even during your detox cleanses.

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We select our ingredients with utmost care.

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